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Album Review: Damien McFly – Parallel Mirrors

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Italian singer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist Damien McFLy has been making waves at home and across Europe with his folk/rock inspired sound, playing over 200 gigs across Europe in less than two years. Though he has already released various cover albums under his moniker, Parallel Mirrors is his debut album consisting of tracks he has written himself, and the entire thing was recorded unplugged to capture the warmth and ambience experience of a live setting.

Damien McFly - Parallel MirrorsAfter listening to the first few tracks you can make instant comparisons to The Lumineers and Mumford & Sons, two of Damien’s influences as a developing songwriter, but that’s not a bad thing. He has the voice for it and his talents shine through tracks like Hold On, Release Me and the energetic Losing Myself. The deeper and more dramatic moments on the album prosper also, the instrumental flurries that go on in Don’t Steal My Wish grab your attention. The same can easily be said for Call It Freedom and the more toned down The Taste Of Rain sees the album out. When listening to the album in its entirety, you can hear the love and extent gone to by Damien to make it a dedicated listening experience.

Parallel Mirrors is a wonderful demonstration of  where Damien McFly is musically and emotionally. For a debut album of originals is stands out, and his sound and writing style will keep developing over time, so it will be interesting to here what Damien’s next album or venture sounds like. You can tell that the album was recorded unplugged: you get a grasp of that rawness McFly was going for and you appreciate his work. His live shows must be stunning, and we can’t wait to hear more from the aspiring Italian stallion of folk/rock.