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Album Review: Crowded House – Gravity Stairs

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Veteran rock band Crowded House returns with their newest studio effort, Gravity Stairs. It’s a contemplative, spirited collection of songs that reflects the band’s journey and growth. The album explores new landscapes while maintaining lyrical depth and melodic richness.

Opening track Magic Piano is an enchanting, piano-driven track that sets the tone for the record. With lush arrangements and Neil Finn’s emotive vocals, the song captures that magical essence, with strong Beatles-esque appeal. Teenage Summer is a breezier tune with an infectious chorus and a fresh, jangly sound.

The Howl is comparatively haunting, featuring introspective lyrics and unpacking existential themes. It contrasts nicely against the more light-hearted tracks, showcasing the band’s versatility. All That I Can Ever Own is, again, introspective, but lighter and acoustic-driven – highlighting Finn’s storytelling abilities.

Oh Hi is a whimsical touch, with playful lyrics and catchy rhythm. It’s a refreshing, enjoyable song, and a welcome break from the heavier themes. The track transitions beautifully into the heartfelt love ballad, Some Greater Plan (for Claire). The emotional depth and sincerity is palpable. It’s a moving moment.

Black Water, White Circle introduces the album’s more experimental edge, with its atmospheric production and poetic lyrics. The layered instrumentation achieves a sense of mystery and intrigue. Following this is Blurry Grass a mellow, reflective piece that contemplates the passage of time and the fleeting nature of life.

I Can’t Keep Up With You injects energy with its driving beat and catchy hooks. It’s a fun track that demonstrates the band’s ability to craft infectious pop-rock anthems. Thirsty continues this trend, with its propulsive rhythm and powerful vocals driving the song forward.

The album explores a range of emotions and styles, but maintains a cohesive sound that is unmistakably their own. There are moments where the experimentation feels slightly overreaching, and not every track hits the mark. However, the album’s highlights far outweigh its missteps.

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