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Album Review: Craig Finn – Faith In The Future

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Faith In The Future is the second solo album release from Craig Finn and this born storyteller has delivered an incredibly compelling musical collection on this one. Like his previous works each track works as a mini narrative, with each song working like a 4-minute window into the soul of this esteemed rocker.

Craig Finn - Faith In The FutureThis is an album full of audacious themes, like Roman Guitars, which delves into our scientific world and how we need to be able to see the magic in it. The song starts off with an almost desolate melody and slow clapping rhythms, which then turns into a grand tune equipped with backing vocals and the entire song works as a peculiar metaphor – anything can turn into beauty or disaster depending on the way you look at things. On the contrast some tracks are much more personal, with Finn drawing on raw personal experience in order to create this album. Sandra from Scranton is a minimalistic tune that is full of simple drums and a basic melody to highlight the emotion that’s telling a tale of time gone by.

To finish off the album Finn went in a different direction and used I Was Doing Fine (Then a Few People Died). In comparison to the rest of the material on his LP, this track is a short and relatively upbeat song. It works perfectly as an album concluder in the sense that it takes elements from each of the previous songs, realizing the world is a lonely and drab place, but there’s still plenty of light that pushes us through each day – you’ve just got to have faith in the future.

Craig Finn uses his solo sophomore record Faith In The Future as a vessel for a big, bold voice that finely showcases his classic rock sensibilities. While some tracks are quite bleak or dreary in content and production there’s a powerful allure of redemption imbedded within the collection. It’s an album full of substance, with a gentle balance between blunt, unadorned riffs and the vibrant, lively melodies of hope.