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Album Review: Craig David – The Time Is Now

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Photo: RCA

It’s barely one year since Following My Intuition, but Craig David seems to be unstoppable: the UK singer is now ready to release The Time Is Now, his seventh studio album. The Time Is Now, featuring multiple artists, is a composition of music genres, from UK garage, which made Craig David famous, to electronic and R&B.

As first single extracted from the album, Craig David picked Heartline and it’s easy to understand why. This track is light, memorable and romantic, in other words catchy and perfect to gain attention for a new upcoming record. Another single is I Know You (feat. Bastille). For this song Craig David is finally able to sing with Dan Smith, an artist that he has always admired. Although this is a surprising duo, the two singers’ voices and styles excellently blend together. I Know You is an enjoyable pop hit with a solid chorus.

For The Gram is just as cheesy as the title suggests. Whether a critique to today use of Instagram or not, the only criticism I can agree with it’s about the simplicity and absurdity of the lyrics “We do it for the Insta / We do it for the Gram / …  / Don’t forget the hashtag”. However, For The Gram may be still relatable to some extent and it can act as the perfect hook to attract younger audiences.

In The Time Is Now Craig David features with an array of artists (JP Cooper, Goldlink, AJ Tracey, Ella Mai). While with the help of Goldlink, Craig David delivers a great R&B and pop track (Live In The Moment); Somebody Like Me is characterised by some rap lines by AJ Tracey.

The Time Is Now is as an easy listen, with some bangers and some superficial fillers. Although it is not too pretentious, this album still confirms Craig David’s artistic creativity.