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Album Review: Courteeners – Mapping The Rendezvous

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The Courteeners; Liam Fray, Daniel ‘Conan’ Moores, Michael Campbell and Joe Cross, have had one of their most successful years yet and are back with a new release, Mapping The Rendezvous. It is the fifth studio album to be released by the UK band and was inspired by the film Victoria by Sebastian Schipper which is about a dangerous and adventurous night of a Berlin girl. Fray, lead vocalist who writes the lyrics and music for the Courteeners, began writing for the album during his stay in Paris. Mapping The Rendezvous was recorded at Real World Studios in Paris and released under Ignition Records.

Courteeners - Mapping The Rendezvous album artLucifer’s Dreams packs a punch from the start with its distorted guitar driven body and the imaginative lyrics sung in a lower, darker register. It’s the kind of gritty sound that hooks you in. Never before has the lyric “Clear the table, and fill the fridge” sounded so sexy as in the track Kitchen supported by the salacious guitar licks reminiscent of the stylings of Prince. De La Salle, a personal favourite, features Fray singing accompanied by an acoustic guitar and a string ensemble. The balance of instrumentation is well managed.

There are a number of dance rock pop numbers like Tip Toes and The 17th. Not For Tomorrow is particularly exciting because of the contrasting styles they blend together, and the unexpected rhythmic stabs will get your heart ticking. Finest Hour is a touching song, starting with vocals and keyboard accompaniment, the emotional apex of the song occurs when the full band joins in. It’s the kind of song that you hold your lighter up to at a live show.

The Courteener’s affinity for writing endearing pop melodies and hooks presented as indie rock has served them well. There is a generous serving of creativity on Mapping The Rendezvous.