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Album Review: Chris Janson – Buy Me A Boat

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Chris Janson isn’t  a new face on the country music scene: his debut album has been 10 years in the making and the wait for Buy Me A Boat‘s release is finally over! The title-track was one of the biggest country hits this year and has only encouraged the high anticipation for the release. Janson is just as excited and can’t wait to share his personality through his music and lyrics.

Chris Janson - Buy Me A BoatFrom smooth to rough and from loose to tough, this album has it all; this guy knows what he’s doing with the genre. Lead single Buy Me A Boat deserved its recognition due to its comedic lyrics and catchy melody, with the mention of a truck and beer of course. After the beat-driven fun comes the sentimental moment brought forward by ballad Holdin’ Her, one of the most wonderful tracks on the album with its luscious arrangement and heart warming lyrics.

Tim McGraw adds his grit to the catchy tune Messin’ With Jesus and the guitars help both singers out in delivering some of modern country’s finest. The more fast paced Back In My Drinkin’ Days brings the album’s energy back with a bang, you can’t have a country album without a song about alcohol delivered with some enthusiastic harmonica playing; White Trash ends the album with a roar too.

Buy Me A Boat is the kind of debut that sounds like it should have been Chris Janson’s third or fourth album. His sound is solid, the lyrics are relatable and fit into the genre with ease, and the overall listening experience was pleasant. You really feel like you’ve known Janson all your life after listening to Buy Me A Boat and it’s this factor that makes you appreciate his work.