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Album Review: Carly Rae Jepson – The Loveliest Time

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Carly Rae Jepson has been a household name in pop for over a decade, with mega-hits such as Call Me Maybe and I Really Like You becoming some of the most iconic and popular songs in mainstream music. With her latest effort The Loveliest Time (companion album to her 2022 album The Loneliest Time) Carly brings back the anthems that catapulted her to stardom and ensure that she will be staying there for a long time to come.

The record opens with a cheeky sounding track laced with some honestly quite sweet lyrics in Anything To Be With You, which contrasts it’s tone with a stripped back, almost playful instrumental. It proves to just be a warm up however, as it immediately gives way to the club-vibe infused Kamikaze, containing an incredibly catchy chorus as well as verses where the vocals skip over the top like a stone over water.

Bringing down the dynamics is the smooth and sultry track Aeroplanes, with soft and teasing vocals espousing some very heartfelt lyrics “I can see diamonds in the rough, I would fly aeroplanes, an ocean for your touch”. The rest is over though, as following it up is the high-energy song Shy Boy, which expertly combines that low-light, sweaty club feel with smooth and inviting vocals. Kollage has proven to be one of the most popular songs from the album so far, and it’s clear to see why. A psychedelic intro gives way to softly strummed acoustic guitars, and the lyrics throw in an element of heartfelt reflection in an otherwise roundly upbeat album. The inclusion of a wah-effected guitar part elevates this song and adds a much enjoyed sprinkling of creativity in the post-chorus.

Psychedelic Switch is a pounding anthem, with a chorus that is sure to be chanted at maximum volume by her legions of passionate fans at her next show. The album drops slightly with the song So Right, which whilst having a bit of a slow and unremarkable start, that belays it’s true strength which is the chorus, full of hooks and some lovely harmonies. One of the blander parts of the album, but still has it’s shining moments. Easily the best song however, would have to be Stadium Love. From the moment the intro kicks in, you can immediately picture how this song would be a fantastic opener to a live set. It’s catchy, anthemic and has a wonderfully satisfying build to a huge chorus.

With The Loveliest Time, Carly Rae Jepson cements her status as one of the elites in the world of Mainstream Pop. A favourite of millions since her careers conception on Canadian Idol, Carly satiates her fans with classic anthems, sultry beats and some truly stella additions to her bursting discography.