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Album Review: Broken Hands – Turbulence

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UK rockers Broken Hands have achieved what other bands may or may not, which included sharing the stage with their heroes Black Sabbath and The Rolling Stones. Known for their amazing live shows and kick-butt sound the group are an act not to be ignored, and perhaps the release of their debut album Turbulence will back that statement up.

Broken Hands - TurbulenceFrom the electrifying Spectrum to the more alternative  Meteor, Broken Hands have their aspects of the rock genre covered. Influenced by the powerful roar of jet engines, it’s no wonder that the album’s sound reaches various heights and keeps you strapped in for the ride; an example of where the sound differs from its upbeat and thumpy persona was with the track Impact, sung with emotion and played with drama.  

The album’s earthiness combined with its mechanical element is really what makes it an interesting listen, tracks like Who Sent You and 747 are both perfect demonstrations of both sounds respectively. Collide doesn’t make a good first impression to begin with, but as the song progresses the soundscape intensifies and you get to appreciate the work in full; the album ends on the whopping six and a half-minute W.T.L.L with its powerful guitar roars and vocal empowerment. 

Broken Hands clearly knew what they wanted out of their debut: Turbulence is rock at some of its finest and there isn’t any wonder as to why these guys have become popular on the scene. It would be interesting to see some of these tracks played live; the overall delivery of the album provided a decent rock experience for the ears and it would only be intensified if heard on stage.