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Album Review: Boy & Bear – Limit Of Love

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Limit Of Love is the organic and naturally raw third full-length release from Australian rock crooners Boy & Bear. For this one they’ve stripped down to basics and are delivering naked sincerity: it’s an honest take on life, love and everything in between all created with impeccable instrumentals.

Boy & Bear - Limit Of LoveBreakdown Slow is all about simple chords and an organically emotional delivery, which is an outlet for some of Dave Hosking’s inner demons, with the final line “this is what you get from chasing dreams” repeated over a snappy rhythm until the song fades out, which really makes these lyrics in particular stick with you. While Showdown invokes a sense of passion exposed by the intensity in Hosking’s vocals, it’s a track that works gradually with each musical element, especially the use of synth, which really compliments the instrumentals.

But the musical standout of Limit Of Love is definitely A Thousand Faces, compared to the rest of the smooth; folk on the rest of the record this one sees a more upbeat tempo. It’s a song that just oozes with energy and catchy riffs that are almost impossible not to bop too. Although Man Alone comes a close second, with a pop melody and simple chords it makes for an irresistible backing for the lyrical tale inspired by the all too familiar dilemmas of the heart.

It’s clear to see that Boy & Bear created Limit Of Love with a live audience in mind; each track is full of a raw energy that will translate to shows effortlessly. Boy & Bear are more than musicians, they’re talented storytellers with an eye for details, each song takes you on a personal journey, which makes this album a masterpiece.