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Album Review: Betty Who – Take Me When You Go

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There’s something about Betty. The “one to watch” monicker has followed Betty Who since the 2013 independent release of EP The Movement for free download. Featuring on a viral Youtube proposal didn’t hurt, with comparisons being drawn with Katy Perry, P!nk, Robyn and Madonna. “Australia’s next pop princess!” they claimed. But hey, no pressure. Well Betty Who, we’ve been watching and waiting for debut album Take Me When You Go and guys, it’s finally here! Fan boys and fan girls get ready to have your spines tingled with this adorable, flirty electro pop offering from a blossoming superstar.

Betty Who Take Me When You GoTake Me When You Go was well and truly worth the wait. Already I’ve read some critics getting into Betty Who, born Jessica Newham, for letting big record pressure get into her, but I don’t see it. This record is full of retro beats, cheeky lyrics and singalong melodies that you’ll want to spin on repeat. It’s the time for Betty Who, who is filling a musical void I didn’t even know I had. Specifics you ask? Why sure!

The record opens with Just Like Me, which I was sure was going to be my favourite. After hearing the rest of the record I’m torn, but this understated intro into her electro pop world had me immediately declaring my Betty Who love. If you’re a Chvrches fan like me, you’ll love this. Almost as much as I loved hearing that Aussie twang in her vocals. Betty, I think we could be besties. If someone wants to tweet her to tell her that, go for it. I’m also an excellent shopping buddy. But I digress…

A woman after my own heart, Betty Who recalls one of my favourite songs, Robyn’s Dancing On My Own with 80’s flashback track High Society – like a Gossip Girl episode for my ears. And if that didn’t have me selling my car and moving to NYC to be this chicks new roadie, Dreaming About You sealed the deal by giving me a woman’s answer to The 1975. The stark synth sounds and dynamic chorus’ reminded me of the brit boys’ Settle Down, another personal fave. The tender moments on Take Me When You Go are subtle and just as gorgeous. Missing You slows it down with just a faint hint of RnB and California Rain closes out the record in a dreamy, floaty echo.

Sure, I can hear the Katy Perry comparisons, and with Betty Who supporting Miss Perry on her upcoming tour Down Under I’m sure they’ll only intensify. The only thing I really have to say about that is, remember when Lady Gaga opened for The Pussycat Dolls? I can only hope that moving forward Newham stays true to the indie electro pop fusion that makes this first effort so special, rather than becoming a cookie cutter big money popstar. She’d make it either way, but it would just be such a shame. So Betty Who, I’m a fan! I hope that won’t make it awkward when we’re BFF’s. I’ll be totally cool about it. Get to tweeting peeps.