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Album Review: Beck – Colours

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photo: Peter-Hapak/EMI Music Australia

Colours is the 13th studio album from the prolific Beck, his first since 2014. The intoxicating rainbow on offer here makes for some of Beck’s most contemporary work to date, indicating he remains young at heart with his finger on the pulse.

The record’s title track pops into existence with all the low-fi funk many come to expect with a Beck release, but there is a new lease of life at play here. It perfectly flows into the playful pop stylings of Seventh Heaven, a perky presence that is reminiscent of Vampire Weekend.

No Distraction will groove it’s way into your ears pleasantly but unexpectedly. The guitars are simple, but I have no doubt you will be left wishing this entire record was soundtracking the 80s teen movie of your dreams. Beck has perfected the equilibrium between contemporary and vintage – a partnership that has the potential to delight fans new and old.

The energetic thrum of Up All Night will leave you in no doubt that despite his age, Beck can still party with plenty of young contemporaries. It’s worth hanging on until the actual chorus kicks in, because boy is it a belter! Sun drenched in all the right places, Beck’s smooth vibe is the perfect summer pick me up as we edge into the winter months.

Fix Me is the only tune to regard as an anomaly, but that isn’t to say it’s not equally fantastic. Despite falling on the sombre side of the scale, it’s a loving sensation that will still fill you up with joy. After all of the jumping about that Beck does throughout Colours, it’s no doubt he would want to take a moment to chill out at the end.

Once again, I have been pleasantly surprised by how warm Colours continues to make me feel, it truly is a celebration of Beck’s work to date and is the ideal autumnal pick-me-up.