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Album Review: Bear’s Den – Red Earth & Pouring Rain

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Red Earth & Pouring Rain is the second album released by the British alternative rock band, Bear’s Den. Since their debut album, Islands, a lot has changed in the band; they are one man down with the amicable departure of Joey Haynes in February 2016. Haynes played banjo, guitar and sang. This leaves Bear’s Den as the duo of Andrew Davie – lead vocals and guitar- and Kevin Jones- vocals, drums, bass and guitar. The album is produced by Ian Grimble and was recorded at Rockfield Studios in Wales.

Bear's Den_Red Earth&Pouring RainBear’s Den stay close to their folk roots in this new release especially in tracks like Dew On The Vine and Broken Parable, but reach out to a more contemporary sound by including elements of ambient electronica, programmed drums and mellow synths and pads, as in the opening song also named Red Earth & Pouring Rain. They have crafted their music well to produce a satisfying full and balanced sound that is consistent throughout the album.

Red Earth & Pouring Rain is an intensely personal collection of songs into which Andrew and Kevin have poured their emotions, thoughts and experiences. The music is certainly touching and gets you right in the feels. If you don’t very nearly shed a tear in the track Roses On A Breeze when the lyric “You’ll always be the love of my life” is sung, you might not be fully human. Another hauntingly beautifully track is Gabriel. The blend of the duo’s voices in perfect harmonic dissonance and resolution will give you chills. It is an ethereal mix of folk and dark electronica, certainly an inspired and unique sound.

Bear’s Den bare it all on their new album Red Earth & Pouring Rain. In a time where many recording artists are pandering to what the market will buy, it is refreshing to hear music and poetic lyrics once again as an expressive art form, fusing existing elements from genres like folk, rock and electronica to create something outstanding.