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Album Review: Anthony Hamilton – What I’m Feelin’

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Grammy Award Winner and ultimate R&B crooner Anthony Hamilton is pouring all his emotions into his latest twelve tracks, in the form of his fifth studio album, What I’m Feelin’. As he effortlessly blends striking electronic beats with his signature soulful croon.

Anthony Hamilton What I'm Feelin'Firing up the album, Ain’t No Shame, takes a deep, longing beat that pulses and pounds as Hamilton’s vocals soar above it all in this gospel feel tune, and it’s only a taste of what’s to come. As he painstakingly croons, “I’m tired of folk around me always settling, it’s a big world” with a radiance that lingers. Which leads you onto the epic duet and title track, featuring Hamilton’s backing singers, The Hamiltones, What I’m Feelin.’ And it’s as angelic as it’s raw, with a burning passion that radiates from the back and forth of the vocals, the chemistry across each of the voices is incredibly striking. Whilst Amen and I Want You bear similar electronic strides, acting as pleasant R&B grooves.

And at the emotional forefront, Never Letting Go sets the pace, as delicate plucky chords set the fragile mood for a touching ballad full of soul. With Still takes comparative elements as the means to set a solemn mood, as the powerful cry of the line “still in love” rings true throughout the track. Plus, to effectively round out What I’m Feeling, its closing number Love Is An Angry Thing subtly encompasses each textural element of the record, taking sweet piano strokes and pairing them with a vibrant beat as a backdrop for Hamilton’s raw vocals. What I’m Feelin’ is Anthony Hamilton in his realest form, crooning a humble collection of soulful numbers that emote straight from the heart. From delicate ballads to up-tempo grooves, his fifth studio album reminds us all of the true power of soul.