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Album Review: Angus and Julia Stone – Cape Forestier

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"Cape Forestier is a testament to Angus and Julia Stone's evolution as artists". Our full review of the new LP by Australian sibling duo @angusjuliastone

Sydney-based siblings Angus and Julia Stone reunite for their fifth studio album, Cape Forestier. After experimenting with solo releases, the 12-track album marks a return to an earlier acoustic-driven sound but with a fresh, updated feel thanks to their many years of experience and experimentation.

The first track, Losing You, is a gentle number that builds slowly with hazy, swaying vocals. The duo’s distinct vocal styles blend with signature harmony. Sparing but upbeat musical arrangements make for an interesting backdrop against melancholic lyrics and storytelling. Following this, Down To The Sea features direct vocal lines and sacred imagery. Growing up in the idyllic surroundings of Sydney’s northern beaches, the track reveals depth in the pair’s strong connection to nature.

My Little Anchor brings a chill vibe, reminiscent of lazy afternoons by the sea. The simple yet effective acoustic arrangement underscores lyrics that speak to finding stability amidst life’s uncertainties. The titular track Cape Forestier is a reminiscent piece that begins with Angus pondering the journey so far. Named after a boat that played a large part in their childhood, the name represents a return to their musical roots. County Sign introduces a storytelling element with lyrics reflecting a journey through life’s landscapes, both physical and emotional. This track features vivid imagery and an introspective tone.

City of Lights takes on a more urban feel, contrasting the earlier tracks with its upbeat tempo and lively production. The song captures the excitement and chaos of city life, providing a dynamic shift in the album’s mood. No Boat, No Aeroplane slows things down again, focusing on themes of isolation and introspection. The minimalistic arrangement allows the lyrics and vocal performance to shine, emphasizing the track’s emotional weight.

The Wedding Song is a heartfelt ballad that has already found a special place in fans’ hearts. Featuring clips from fans’ weddings, this song creates a warm, intimate atmosphere. The lyrics celebrate love and commitment. For me, it’s one of the album’s standout tracks. Somehow captures the theme of relinquishing control and accepting life’s uncertainties. Julia Stone’s vocals are particularly poignant here, reflecting a sense of vulnerability and introspection that is central to the album’s narrative.

Cape Forestier is a testament to Angus and Julia Stone’s evolution as artists. The album seamlessly blends their signature acoustic sound with elements of folk, pop, and psychedelia, creating a rich tapestry of musical influences. The themes of personal growth, nature, and love resonate throughout, making it a deeply introspective and emotionally impactful record.