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Album Review: Amber Run – 5am

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Amber Run are set to unleash their debut album 5am and while their fans are waiting in full anticipation, for those who are so far unaware of Amber Run’s presence, you’re about to discover something special; from Nottingham and into the world, here’s what to expect from 5am.

Amber Run - 5amWith opening track I Found, Amber Run made something seemingly simplistic something melodically complete, its initial verse and chorus don’t rely on a full sound to carry it; a few poetic lines later, we’re treated to a subtle beat and an explosive final chorus. M.F. gives you a brief instrumental break before blooming into Spark, an electrifying number that is certain to lift your mood; next up, Hurricane is a flurry of atmosphere, enough to blow you away. Single Noah demonstrates Amber Run’s knack for storytelling and ability to write a song that is both captivating and relatable, and just when you thought Pilot was going to be anti-climactic you are proven wrong with a much bigger picture as the track progresses; C.F. provides another soothing instrumental break without diminishing the warmth the album has brought to your ears.

Title track 5am doesn’t have to edgy indie/rock vibe you grow to love from this record, but instead you get this subtle and appealing atmosphere that makes you appreciate this band’s versatility; Just My Soul Responding marks the album’s return to the beat controlled energy that has been its ignition, not a thing out of place. A different vibe again occurs with Good Morning, its bass line makes you feel good and just the overall sound of the track dares to get you going; Shiver makes you do just that with its soothing yet haunting vocal melody, the sound of the acoustic guitar is refreshing, the minimalism soon gives way to a deeper soundscape as the song nears its end. Curiously, the beat of the drums opens up closing number See You Soon and you are hooked from this moment, the guitars are earthy and by now you are just so used to the sound of Amber Run that it all just sums up nicely.

Amber Run are heading in the right direction, at least this can be told with 5am; it’s a stellar debut, a release the group should be proud of throughout the span of their career. The best part is that their sound is only going to get better as they delve deeper into their already developed musical traits, or even if they decide to experiment with other genres and influences. 5am brings to you not only a handful of tracks to listen to, but an experience, you feel somewhat connected; the only criticism really would be that it could’ve gone without the two instrumental breaks, as nice as they sounded, but we could’ve settled with 12 full tracks because it’s not hard to want more from this band. If Amber Run have the potential to grip you in this way with their debut album, imagine what they could possibly achieve with future releases.