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Album Review: Allison Weiss – New Love

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Internet funding hero and indie pop singer Allison Weiss is back with her third studio release, New Love. Although it’s been a few years since she’s released a full length album, the time she spent writing and her last EP Remember When showed a maturity and a different direction for the singer, while still staying true to her unique style.

Allison Weiss New LoveNew Love has some really strong moments and at times you’re completely drawn into her tone and her lyrics and all the stylistic influences of Washington and Tegan and Sara are there, and it’s really nice. However that’s not the case for most of the album, unfortunately.

There are two shinning stars on the album. The first is Out Of This Alive, which provides the only moment of stillness amongst the repeated riffs and upbeat indie chaos. It is simple in beat, in style and it lets Weiss’ vocals stand out on their own as she repeats, “I will make it out of this alive”. This song is the epitome of less is more, because adding anything would completely ruin its truth. It is definitely the song you want playing after a breakup, or any sort of trauma really, because although it feels painfully sad, it has a positive message.

The second, for completely different reasons, is Who We Are. This track contains so much  – musically it’s loaded with background noises – that sometimes the elements get so intense you can’t quite place their source. Through all this though Weiss voice breaks out in stark constant against all of it and that’s what makes the song so special. It’s fast paced and urgent and all of her words feel so important that you can’t not listen in.

Unfortunately, the rest of the album falls short, as each new song sounds eerily like the last and you aren’t even aware that the tracks are changing until it’s all over. There’s just not quite enough to sink one’s teeth into, and ultimately the listener is left wanting much, much more.