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Album Review: Alison Moyet – Other

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Photo: 9Pr

New Wave national treasure Alison Moyet is back this month with yet another diverse, musically eclectic and lyrically profound collection under the vague banner of Other. Four years on from the release of the minutes, Moyet once again reinvents and re-imagines herself as she wades deeper into electronic waters on this engaging new studio effort.

Moyet continues to find success through her willingness to explore and broaden the electronic landscape. While her initial foray into solo territory with releases such as Alf and Raindancing were drenched with a mainstream pop finish, her latter efforts have veered back toward where she started her lucrative career alongside Vince Clarke in 80’s synth-pop duo Yazoo.

She displayed this return on the sonically stunning the minutes back in 2013 and has now followed this venture up with the tracks featured on Other with masterful precision and comfort. This can be heard on tracks like the experimental and pulsating Lover, Go which offers us with the records standout track featured early on in Others. The gorgeously orchestrated instrumentation and sweeping chorus is surrounded by a plethora of electronic effects that complements Moyet’s inspiring approach to her own evolution in the music industry.

It’s tracks like Lover, Go along with the club-worthy and playful Happy Giddy that also showcases the skills of her producer and long-time collaborator Guy Sigsworth who, along with working with the likes of Madonna and Bjork over the years, has helped shape and direct Moyet’s return to her electronic roots.

The records title track is a somber traipse through eerie piano pop. Moyet’s sensitive vocals quiver through the number; casually pacing ahead of the tracks darkened instrumentation, allowing the spotlight to be directed at the musicians impeccable and distinctive voice.

The English U is a pretty addition to Other with a dreamy backing vocal and sweet harp strings flowing in the background of the number while further into the record Reassuring Pinches unravels with a chilling Bladerunner-esque instrumentation and deeply personal and poetic lyrics ; lines like “I taste a ballet in this storm, even as the paper falls, it dances” giving us a little insight into the mind of this world renowned songwriter before next track April 10th takes poetry to the next level as it offers Other a contrasting spoken word inclusion.

Other is another fine example of Moyet’s longstanding influence on the global pop market and her openness to experiment along wither we contentment to return to her roots when the time calls is testament to her longevity as a pop artist.