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Album Review: Aer – One Of A Kind

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Carter Schultz and David Von Mering, better known as indie duo Aer has continued to prove that you don’t need to stick to one genre of music in order to create an impressive release. Fittingly named the new album is called One of a Kind and it describes these guys perfectly. It’s an absolute mess of sound that really shouldn’t work together but somehow it’s composed seamlessly to produce something that’s truly a breathe of fresh ‘Aer’.

Aer - One of a KindOne of a Kind promotes an incredibly eclectic style; it’s got fusions of R&B, Pop, Rock and plenty of Reggae inspired rhythms. Many of the track list is going to stick with you right away while others might take a few listens to really gel with you. Songs like the title track “One of a Kind” and “Keep You Here” are perfect examples of the Reggae drumbeats Aer is all about. The beats compliment the rap inspired vocals that are layered throughout the tracks in a way that gives each song a really nice energy.  The only real downer about this album is the fact that it wasn’t longer, as an album it does work but it really feels more like a mini mixtape. The use of the exceptionally catchy “Intro” and remarkable “Colors In The Sky (Interlude)” definitely leaves you wanting more in terms of their unique music style and catchy lyrics. 

Overall Aer has delivered an impressive sophomore album with One of a Kind, full of catchy beats and funky rhythms that will leave you moving. It’s definitely one of the feel good releases of 2015, with it leaving you with nothing but good vibes – it’s light-hearted and fun with lyrics you’re going to learn pretty quickly. Watch out for these one of a kind pocket rockets because it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be hearing their stuff everywhere you go.