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Album Review: Adam Cohen – We Go Home

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Three years since the release of his highly successful fourth album, Like A Man, Adam Cohen returns to his roots with this much-anticipated follow up. Recorded in a house on the Greek Island of Hydra where he spent much of his childhood, We Go Home is an intimate reflection of family, love and his life as the son of legendary singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen. While Leonard Cohen has clearly been an influence on his music, Adam proves himself to be a more than capable songwriter with this series of sensitive and down to earth love songs.

AdamCohenWeGoHomeThe opening track, Song of Me and You sets the tone for the whole album, gently introducing the nylon guitar and strings that feature prominently throughout. Cohen’s vocals are rich and clear, becoming charmingly husky on the second track Too Real, in which he takes a levelheaded approach to the classic love song, managing sincerity without cliché and producing a very cool track.

Then comes the single and title track of the album, in which the pace dramatically increases. Evocative of bands such as Of Monsters and Men and The Middle East, here Cohen embraces a more upbeat folk style with a sing-along chorus and a range of joyous harmonies.

Near the middle of the album, the songs return to a more leisurely pace, aside from the very self-reflective So Much To Learn, and speak for themselves with sensitive, evocative lyrics. Cohen made the most of the three-piece band and string section, with whom he toured, and also introduces some delicate piano parts into his songs. However it could be said that these tunes do tend to merge into one, all following a similar structure of oversimplified versus and swelling choruses.

The final four songs, however, redeem the album. What Kind of Woman and Swear I was There are far gutsier tracks and it almost feels as though Cohen saved the best for last. Swear I was There again begins delicately, but soon swells to a powerful climax with layers of strings, and Cohen’s husky vocals offering strong and emotive lyrics.

The album finishes with Boats, a gentle minute and a half long lullaby, which provides a touching conclusion to an overall sensitive and mellow record.

The clarity and tenderness in Adam Cohen’s vocals, especially when partnered with his distinctive nylon stringed guitar, beautifully chronicle the conversations he has had, or wishes to have, with his father and seven-year-old son. His lyrics convey the value Cohen places is his home and family, and have worked to make We Go Home a greatly rooted and real album.