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Album Review: Aaron Wright – Flying Machine

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Flying Machine is the second studio release from Edinburgh singer/songwriter Aaron Wright and he’s out to prove that he isn’t just another pop singer with an acoustic guitar. Wright incorporates various elements of folk, pop and acoustic rock into this album and it’s all sung with a passion that lets his Scottish accent shine through to give a Celtic flair to each track.

Aaron Wright - Flying A MachineIt’s clear to see where Wright’s inspiration comes from; the entire album is a marriage between American folk tunes and classic British pop all crafted with his acoustic guitar. It has a delicate balance of soft crooning ballads such as Proper Chronic Lonely, or, Iglu On Fire where you’ll hear the emotion behind Wright’s voice. And the use of snappier rhythms in All I Need Is You and I Know I’m Sorry put a quirky twist on songs with passionate lines; these are the tracks that’ll have you bopping along. Lyrically you’re not faced with any heavy emotional burden but some of the verses seem to get lost in the repetitiveness of the catchier choruses.

Each track on this record is created with similar chords, riffs and beats and while it is a very cohesive album the tempo is pretty much the same throughout and it runs the issue of becoming the same song repeated eleven times. Thankfully it does switch between smooth ballad and toe tappers frequently to try and avoid this.

It’s not an album full of stellar, ground breaking qualities but it is one that has lyrics that are easy to digest. It’s not going to leave a bad taste in your mouth; it’s just not all that memorable. Aaron Wright and his album Flying Machine won’t have you soaring to higher planes, instead it’ll have you hovering at a steady pace that will land at your destination smoothly. Let the beautiful pop melodies lift you up and savour in the sweet, smooth vocals that are coated with Wright’s Scottish heritage while his acoustic chords will lull you to a calmer place.