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Album Review: 5 Seconds of Summer – Sounds Good Feels Good

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It’s been a whirlwind of an 18 months for Australian pop/rock supergroup 5 Seconds of Summer. They became the biggest US debut ever by an Australian artist; received the third highest pre-ordered album in iTunes history with their self-titled album last year; and received 52 million votes for their single She’s Kinda Hot to win an MTV Award for ‘Song Of The Summer’ and the boys are now back with their latest album, Sounds Good Feels Good.

5 Seconds of Summer - Sounds Good Feels GoodMany of the tracks have been toned down on mass pop appeal like that of explosive number She Looks So Perfect, which is perfectly ok: over time 5SOS will grow out of that style. Lead single She’s Kinda Hot is the perfect example of how different the band is going with their radio tunes: it’s catchy but it’s not in your face, it doesn’t sound like what we’ve heard from the group before. Yes that is Duran Duran you can hear in latest single Hey Everybody! which samples the tune of Hungry Like The Wolf, so don’t jump the gun and cry ‘plagiarism!’. The repetitive yet addctive numbers like Waste The Night and Outer Space Carry On stay in your head the most. 

Sounds Good Feels Good is a decent follow-up to 5 Seconds Of Summer with its much smoother and less in-your-face delivery. While not every song is as catchy as the other you definitely have moments where you think that this group could develop into something much more than a tween favourite: something a little less mainstream and a little more edgier. Overall the sound of the album is where it should be in the world 5 Seconds of Summer: fans won’t be disappointed.