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TV Review – Orphan Black: The Complete Third Season

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Emmy nominated Tatiana Maslany returns in season three of Orphan Black where she continues to uncover the secrets of her origin. Season three begins with a clean up, and a messy one at that. The horror show that was season two is still going, with no chance of any light at the end of any tunnel. Sarah and her sistras, Cosima, Alison, and Helena (Maslany) return to face more confusion and lies surrounding their existence. The introduction of the Castor boys (Ari Millen) brings more questions than it answers. Siobhan (Maria Boyle Kennedy) continues to make difficult discussions to protect her family and Felix (Jordan Gavaris) has completely accepted his role as brother and protector of all clones. Delphine (Evelyn Brochu) is forced to make hard decisions that destroy her relationship with Cosima and her sisters. And Gracie (Zoé de Grand Maison) learns to party in the outside world.

Orphan Black Season 3Orphan Black has a history is brilliant story lines and confusing characters, and surprisingly season three answers the biggest question on everyone’s minds, who is the original? The creators bring more confusion to the table with so many new characters that don’t announce their allegiance or indicate even in the slightest who they are really fighting for. If this season teaches you anything, it’s that you can’t trust anyone. Not even someone you meet on a randomised dating app.

There is a kind of emotional preparedness you need for a show like Orphan Black. Season three has many sad moments, but nothing will prepare you for the few huge scenes that will, ultimately, rip you to shreds inside. Every character has their own personal turmoil on top of their collective issues.

Maslany brings yet another incredibly performance to this season with an ability to portray so many different characters, often acting as two at the same time. The introduction of Ari Millen in season two brought a lot of questions about his character, but never about the possibility of male clones. While there aren’t quite as many differences between Millen’s characters like there are with the female clones, the slight ticks and twitches he gives each of the Castor clones gives each of them a personality of their own.

Season three of Orphan Black comes back with the same, if not more, intensity of season one and two. The show never stops throwing punches in your face with non-stop action and terrible people just being all round horrible. This season leaves you needing to see season four. If there was ever a show that could leave a cliffhanger, it is Orphan Black.

Orphan Black season three has more secrets that a thirteen year old girl, more guesses than Guess Who and keeps you on the edge of your seat until the final moments. With all the season regulars giving rich performances that help make the show what it is, missing out on this season would be unfortunate for anyone.