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TV Review: Elementary – The Complete Second Season

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With popular TV tandems such as Bones, Castle and recent release Forever, Elementary shows a wonderful mix of suspense and sardonic humour to keep the viewers interested and engaged.

Elementary Season 2 Inserted Image

After the dramatic events of season one, Elementary kicks off in Sherlock Holmes’ (Jonny Lee Miller) motherland, London with Watson (Lucy Liu) to search for Holmes’ former police partner, Lestrade (Sean Pertwee). This season introduces a range of interesting characters to develop exciting storylines such as Mycroft (Rhys Ifans), as Holmes’ estranged brother. An excellent casting from the showrunners, the chemistry between Ifans and Miller is raw and powerful; a wonderful concoction of determination and antipathy.

From mathematicians to mafias, Holmes and Watson are certainly not lacking in devious crimes to solve. Similarly to season one, the show executes a procedural format with a serialized progression throughout the season. As a result, Elementary is shaping up to be a more dramatic and stimulating show through undercurrent storylines in each episode.

What is undoubtedly the most intriguing element of the show is the conflicting yet dependent relationship between Holmes and Watson.  With several Sherlock Holmes performances in the recent years, Miller is energetic and remarkable in his original take of the titular character. Adding a fresh take to the Sherlock Holmes tale, Elementary creates a female Watson to highlight the changing relationship with the protagonists. Likewise, Liu is seasoned and contemporary in her role as partner-in-crime, Dr. Joan Watson. Together, Miller and Liu exemplify dynamic and palpable chemistry that shines on screen.

With the life altering events of season two, next season is surely not to be missed. The repercussion of Joan’s shocking decision will be an interesting watch; a positive character development and arc for Watson. Of course, not to be dismissed will be the backlash on Holmes. This interesting shake-up will for sure have a self-destructive effect on Holmes’ psyche and will be a great watch for the season to come.

With the combination of modern and interesting storylines and the unique and sometimes erratic partnership between Holmes and Watson, Elementary is a definite must watch.