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TV Recap – American Horror Story: Freakshow ‘Tupperware Party Massacre’

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Before delving into this weeks recap I just have to note one thing: The title of this episode is everything. I’m loving it.

Anywho, we start things off with now fan favourite, Dandy. Do you think he’s over the twins leaving him yet? I’m going to say no, because he kills the neighbourhood Avon lady and sews her head onto his mother’s body, making his own twin puppet. Yep, Dandy’s in fine form tonight. He goes to visit Maggie for a reading of his future – the irony of this is not lost on her after he tried to saw her in half. She tells him that the future looks bright and that Dandy will overcome any circumstances; this placates Dandy and leaves a smile on his face (as to whether its a genuine smile or a psychotic one, I’m still not sure). As Dandy leaves the freakshow, a drunken Jimmy confronts him. The twins are still missing, and Jimmy thinks Dandy has abducted them. But Dandy’s had enough of Jimmy being all up in his face, so he vows to make Jimmy suffer.

Jimmy heads over to visit some well-to-do ladies to give them the ‘pleasure of his company’. However, his drunkenness leads to dissatisfaction from the women and hallucinations of Ethel, who expresses her disappointment in Jimmy burying his grief in alcohol. Ethel also haunts her ex-husband Dell in this episode, who can’t live with his secret homosexuality any longer. He attempts to hang himself as Ethel’s ghost watches on, only to be cut down by Desiree at the last minute.

We finally got to see more of the fantastic Sarah Paulson as Bette and Dot this week. Stanley and Elsa find them in a motel after Ethel had hidden them away (this was really random and I don’t think we were ever told that) and relocate the twins to a more ‘secure’ location. Stanley tells them that the doctor is on his way to perform the separation surgery, and Dot is overjoyed. However Bette knows that it’s likely one of them will die in the surgery, and she doesn’t want it. After a tearful conversation, Bette decides that she’s happy to give up her life for Dot if it means that one of them can live a normal life. But this sacrifice leads Dot to realise that she doesn’t want the surgery after all. (Not that it was going to happen anyway).

American Horror Story Sarah Paulson

Jimmy’s had quite the episode this week; he returns to camp to find Bette and Dot in his trailer. Dot confesses that she loves him and hey, who could say that they have two wives (as one person) completely devoted to them? Unfortunately for Dot, Jimmy admits that he’s in love with someone else. Bummer.

Remember the well-to-do women Jimmy visited earlier?  Well after Jimmy left them, it became apparent that Dandy was following him. He retaliates against Jimmy by murdering the half a dozen women inside the house and leaving behind a lovely masterpiece of blood in the pool. Dandy goes home and finds Regina at his house; she’s still looking for her mother (who was probably the most badass maid ever). Dandy’s had enough of lies, so he simply tells Regina that he killed her mother. Oh and his mother. And a half a dozen women earlier that day. You see, he’s discovered the power of bathing in blood and just can’t get enough of it. He also says he’s a god at one point – if he wasn’t full blown crazy before then he definitely is now. After Regina refuses to partake in a blood bath with Dandy, he loses his temper and allows her to leave. Sigh, it’s so hard to find friends when you’re a psychopath.

Regina comes back with a policeman, of course. However, you have to remember that Freakshow is set in the 50s and police corruption was rife in that time period. Dandy kindly reminds the policeman that he has enough many to sustain a small country; he’ll give him a million dollars in cash if the policeman kills Regina and works for Dandy. Again, this is a time period where $5 was a lot of money, so it wasn’t really a surprise when the policeman shot Regina. Is it a little disappointing he didn’t shoot Dandy? Perhaps, but Dandy is one of the most complex and interesting characters on television right now, and on the show. To be honest, this was a poor and muddled episode; with only 4 episodes left I’m not sure how the show can redeem itself from this confusing season.