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Single Review: Travis – ‘Everything At Once’

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To amp up audiences in anticipation for their 2016 release, seminal rockers Travis have offered up new single Everything At Once as a taste of what’s to come.  It’s the first piece of music that the band has released since their last album in 2013 and it represents a liberated sound, coming from musicians who love what they do.

Travis Everything At OnceKicking off the track is an intriguing drum sequence and vibrating riffs that burst into a glistening slice of upbeat pop with a delicate rock edge. You’re drawn into Travis’ wonderland of sound from the moment Fran Healy states, “You can’t do everything at once but you can do anything you want”. It’s a song that boasts slick lines sung with such an urgent haste that masquerades it as a tongue twister of a verse. Until the chase mellows out and opens up to a dreamy atmosphere of a rock driven sensation for the chorus while Healy croons, “when enough is enough and it’s all too much for anyone” / “all you need is some love and a way to get home”.

It’s a single that has lyrical depth that really encapsulates you as a listener; there are so many layers that with each listen you’ll come to find new meanings embedded within the track. Travis really brings forth an impressive return to music, with Fran Healy’s vocals still shining and the riffs and hooks still packing a punch. Everything At Once is the perfect taste of what’s bound to come.