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Single Review: The Vamps – ‘Wild Heart’

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The Vamps are the next big British boy band, following in the footsteps of fellow Brits One Direction and The Wanted. Not only was their first single Can We Dance a huge success, but the band has also gained recognition from touring with artists such McFly and Selena Gomez. They will also support Taylor Swift and The Wanted on their respective 2014 tours. What is interesting about The Vamps is that 2 out the 4 members were found through social media platforms, just another example of ordinary people becoming music successes through YouTube.

The Vamps Wild HeartWild Heart, written by members of the band themselves, is the sort of catchy pop song we’ve come to expect from similiar boy bands these days. However, it manages to escape the generic cliches seen of late and offers something different, something unique to The Vamps. Sure the lyrics aren’t that thought provoking “Tonight we’ll dance/I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine”, but they’re not that bad and put to a catchy melody, sound terrific. I dare you not to sing along with the oh, oh, oh’s of the chorus, because let’s face it, that’s an impossible task. Wild Heart is a light and care -free tune that will leave a smile upon the listener’s face as they sing along.

Part of the appeal of The Vamps is that they haven’t yet been tainted by the glitz and glamour that comes with success, and this is apparent in their music. Keep an eye on The Vamps, as they have a big future ahead of them and you’ll definitely be hearing from them again.