Thu. Nov 30th, 2023

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Single Review: Meghan Trainor – ‘Title’

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Meghan Trainor’s combination of nostalgic doo-wop and modern pop sensibilities isn’t exactly groundbreaking – Lilly Allen’s been doing the same for a while now – but it’s certainly enjoyable. Her single Title doesn’t have quite the same spark that made All About That Bass such a hit, but it’s nice, pleasantly constructed stuff.

Meghan Trainor - TitleThe melody is catchy; Trainor’s voice impresses without ever becoming show-offy or reductive; and the inevitable rap breakdown works better than it should. All that said, the success of the single really hinges, oddly enough, on Trainor’s foul mouth. Not that there are an abundance of expletives on Title, but curses like ‘ass’ and ‘shit’ are well placed, and make Trainor appear immediately relatable. She isn’t lecturing from a podium on the Title, she’s speaking as an equal, and her ability to drop the odd four letter word makes her seem instantly down to earth.

In any case, her cursing is much more successful than her wide-eyed ‘humor’. “Don’t call me “boo”/Like you’re some kind of ghost” is a pretty cringe-worthy line, and proves that Trainor’s real skill lies in an instantly recognizable, instantly relatable angst and aggression. I await the day the singer records a ‘Fuck Tha Police’ cover, then.