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Single Review: Megan Washington – ‘Get Happy’

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Megan Washington, formerly known as Washington, is a real Australian musician. She has found success in her home country, with both of her albums reaching the top 5 in the ARIA charts, yet at the same time has been unable to find such success elsewhere. Despite this fact, her work more than shows that she’s deserving of international recognition, and Get Happy helps to prove this point.

Megan Washington Get HappyGet Happy is Megan at her best. While 2:41 may look like a depressingly short run time, it packs enough in to more than make up for it. The instrumental is relatively simple and light, backing Megan’s incredibly endearing voice with nothing more than some synthetic claps and other aural flourishes to accompany the usual suspects (guitar, drums, keyboards and the like).

The major selling point is the way the vocals work with the music. What would normally be a relatively simplistic chorus is strengthened immensely by the vocal melody, which manages to be catchy without relying on the constant repetition of a single phrase or title to draw the listener in. Despite the abrupt ending after the last chorus, there’s nothing unsatisfactory to be found here.

Of the songs to be released from Megan’s second album There There, Get Happy may just be the strongest. It’s simple, quirky and catchy: Three elements that all work well in a single, with Megan’s talent preventing it from falling to radio fodder status. Get Happy is a perfect example of pop done right.