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Single Review: Little Nikki – ‘Little Nikki Says’

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Pop music these days can be a bit hit and miss, can’t it? Some can be very good, whilst a lot of it can be pretty bad. That’s not to mention the great lump in between the two rings that is merely plain mediocre, and often-times artists can meander between all three.

Little Nikki - Little Nikki SaysJumping into the playing field however is Little Nikki. The seventeen year old singer-cum-rapper is somewhat of a veteran in the music game; prior to her more recent material, Little Nikki – real name Nicole Shortland – was a member of shortly lived girl group, SoundGirl, who achieved some success opening on tour for acts such as The Wanted, Scouting For Girls, pop-princess Pixie Lott and, most notably, Justin Bieber. Prior to this, she had been writing songs since the tender age of six, presuming that that was just what all children did to pass the time.

However, going it alone has allowed the singer to cultivate her own sound, which gave us prior singles Intro Intro, DILLIGAF and Where I’m Coming From, incorporating exotic beats and dance vibes that sounds reminiscent of Brit star Katy B, whilst DILLIGAF brings to mind a young Rihanna. Little Nikki Says, on the other hand, carries an urgent dance sound that practically orders people to groove to the beat, as do the lyrics, which can easily be described as a club version of the kid’s game ‘Simon Says’, albeit one that will be sure to chart highly. Little Nikki herself definitely has the holy trinity that it takes to be a popstar – the voice, the image, the charisma. Hey, are you still dancing? ‘Stop’, Nikki didn’t say.