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Single Review: Jessie J – ‘Masterpiece’

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Pop sensation Jessie J is hot product at the moment, the singer/songwriter’s latest album Sweet Talker peaked at number 5 in the UK with the album’s first single Bang Bang featuring Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj becoming one of the biggest hits of 2014 earning itself a Grammy nomination for best pop duo/group performance.  Now the pop phenomenon is set to release her latest single Masterpiece and whilst the song doesn’t quite live up to its name it still shows signs of an artist who is heading in the right direction.

Masterpiece - Jessie JOpening with a strong string section its obvious that Jessie J means business this time, there’s no playing around here and her lyrics further emphasis this ‘If you don’t like my sound you can turn it down/I’m not gonna stop I like my view from the top’. Whilst Masterpiece wasn’t written by Jessie its obvious that writer Josh Alexander and co-writers Britt Burton & Emily Warren had Jessie and only Jessie in their minds for it, the songs theme of self-empowerment takes us back to her fuck all you haters attitude from her debut album Who Are You.

Masterpiece is definitely not Jessie’s finest work to date, it feels overly generic at times and whilst her vocals may sound good its hard to get into a track when you know the artist has not written nor produced it themselves. Whilst she might be one of the hottest names in pop at the moment Jessie J still has a long way to go, hopefully her best is still yet to come which is suggested in her lyrics ‘You haven’t seen the best of me/I’m still working on my masterpiece’.