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Single Review: Daughtry – ‘Waiting For Superman’

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It feels like just yesterday since Chris Daughtry was still battling the grounds of American Idol. It’s amazing how life-changing experiences such as participating in one of the most competitive music competitions can open up many doors within the music industry. It’s a tough industry to breakthrough but frontman Chris Daughtry proves that even coming 4th place in a competition can’t stop him from being successful in a band he made from scratch.

DaughtryWaitingForSupermanNorth Carolina band, Daughtry, obviously know how to steal women’s hearts and with their recent release of their single, Waiting For Superman, it’s clear that the band knows that what it takes to be a true hero is to make their music heard. The track itself is a masterpiece. With an edgy pop-rock sound and an enticing story to tell about whether or not this mysterious woman ends up with her superman, it’s no wonder Daughtry have a way of keeping their listeners interested.

The plotline of the song is quite cliché but it’s a love story worth telling. We all want to be saved. We all want someone to keep us grounded when we begin to fall and sometimes, a woman just wants her superman. A man that is able to make her dreams come true and the one that is able to console her when she has problems that come her way.

The lyrics is serious business for the band but that doesn’t stop Daughtry from showing their light-hearted sense of humour as well (‘She says, “Yeah he’s still coming, just a little bit late/ He got stuck at the Laundromat washing his cape’). It’s clever in a sense because how can he be superman without a proper clean cape?

Not to mention, the chorus showcasing the perfection of Chris’ vocals while the band play in sync to that heavenly voice of his (She’s dancing with strangers, falling apart/ Waiting For Superman to pick her up/ In His arms, in his arms/ Waiting For Superman’).

In a nut shell, Daughtry’s Waiting For Superman is a refreshing new single that will keep fans on edge for the band’s 2013 album, Baptized, hitting stores in November. The song itself gives a vivid indication on what the album will be like and it’s safe to say that Superman can’t compete with what this band has to offer.