Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

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Single Review: Chris Brown – ‘Zero’

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R&B/Pop Chris Brown has delivered to us Zero, yet another single from his upcoming album Royalty. True to his usual style it’s a song with plenty of beat and infectious one-liners that’s sure to have you singing and dancing along.

Chris Brown - ZeroIt’s a catchy breakup song full of assertiveness that will have you entranced by the beat from the second it starts and features a backing track that almost feels 70s disco inspired. Brown mixes his cool R&B roots with a funky pop demeanour to deliver a song full of attitude singing “Ask how many nights I’ve been thinking about you – zero” / “Zero – that’s how many fucks I give”.

With lyrics that are insanely repetitive, 50% of them being the word “Zero” you’ll find yourself chanting along pretty quick. The track also features a rap inspired breakdown towards the end stripping back the rhythm and spitting even more scornful lyrics before launching the track back into it’s high energy beat to close it off. The real seller of this song is definitely the ‘no fucks given’ attitude given off in Zero; it’s pretty easy to slip yourself into the same mindset to really have a good groove to this track. All in all it’s another hit for Chris Brown.