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Single Review: Becky G – ‘Can’t Stop Dancin’

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Watch out world, 17 year old Californian pop sensation Becky G is preparing to take over, most recently her addictive hit  track Shower infected charts internationally and dominated radio airwaves. While her fans are still awaiting an exact release date for her debut album, Becky dropped her current single Can’t Stop Dancin, and here’s what we thought.

Can't Stop Dancin - Becky GCan’t Stop Dancin‘s intro leads you into thinking that it’s going to be a synth-pop track, but that’s not the case, the muffled effect gives you that impression; instead, a vocal grunt is followed by a nice guitar melody with a subtle beat and a smooth bass line. The atmosphere changes as the chorus hits, the beat is not so withdrawn anymore, it becomes unleashed and fills any void that may have existed before, Becky’s light and innocent vocal give the track some lift. The track is the kind of pop we expected to follow Shower.

Becky G is young and her career is still developing, and there is always room for an artist to grow. Shower was undoubtedly an addictive track, hence its popularity, but Can’t Stop Dancin shares with it a similar kind of a vibe; perhaps versatility could have been demonstrated with the release of a different single, providing there will be some songs that stand alone on the singer’s up and coming debut. Overall a decent pop tune, but nothing too different from what we’ve heard already.