Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

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Single Review: Ariana Grande – ‘Focus’

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Get ready for some more Ariana Grande as the former Nickelodeon star focuses on the release of her upcoming album Moonlight. Carrying the torch is lead single Focus and all eyes are on Grande: what the song is like, if it overshadows her previous work, or if she has ventured into a world unexpected.

Ariana Grande - FocusFocus is predictably catchy and attention grabbing, ticking all the boxes of an effective lead single. It’s a very percussive track, bringing forth a great beat, a snappy brass line, a driving bass part and of course Ariana’s powerful yet gentle voice. Ariana addresses her haters and insists that they address her realness: “I know you’re hoping that I’ll react/I know you’re hoping that I’m looking back/But if my real ain’t real enough/Then I don’t know what is”. The overall structure and sound of the song is reminiscent of her former single Problem.

Ariana Grande continues to be an unstoppable force on the airwaves: Focus is one of her stronger single releases, even though it hasn’t really ventured out of her comfort zone. She continues to stunningly demonstrate her worth with her catchy hits. It will be interesting to hear where she goes with Moonlight‘s sound when it comes out next year.