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Album Review: Pendulum – Immersion

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Australian six piece Pendulum have become near leaders of the underground drum & bass genre over the short space of 5 years. Their breakthrough debut Hold Your Colour got them international attention while sophomore juggernaut In Silico added justification to the bands rise in popularity.

PendulumImmersionPendulum are now back with new bass monster Immersion and while the groups roots may have been coated with a commercial mainstream electro glaze, what fans and critics alike love about this band is still there and that is the ability to produce heart pumping beat heavy drum & bass records.

Opener Genisis is a brief yet compelling cinematic intro to the record before Salt In The Wounds takes the wheel with fury. This one is a hardcore kick of energetic drum & bass in its prime. It gives the album an early boost of underground beats in a bass heavy yet subtly pop inspired delivery.

Current single Watercolour and follower Set Me On Fire offer its listener with probably the most commercial tracks on the album back to back while the obvious stand outs are the mid record club thumpers The Island Pt I and The Island Pt II. Set these on repeat, get yourself a strobe light and you’ve got yourself a home based club. These tracks, particularly the latter, sees the band at its most experimental – more so on this than any other on the record.

Among Immersion the band also collaborate quite heavily with The Prodigy’s Liam Howlett, a worthwhile addition to Immunize and Swedish melodic heavy metal rockers In Flames adding an obnoxiously rough edge to Self Vs Self.

The band, though leaving a small section of their early beginnings to the wind, are tight on this album and bring together fifteen new gremlins of hardcore energy in a record of ear pleasing and originally conceived drum and bass numbers.

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