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News: Say Lou Lou release Daft Punk cover ahead of new single

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(UK) After announcing their latest single ‘Games For Girls’ and debut album ‘Lucid Dreaming’ out February 2nd 2015, the band have recorded a mesmerising cover of Daft Punk and Julian Casablanca’s track ‘Instant Crush’ as a thank you for the amazing support they’ve received so far on their latest single.

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Taking Daft Punk’s fantastic single ‘Instant Crush’ they’ve put the now trademark Say Lou Lou spin on it, transforming the original into another dream-pop sensation.

To get a free download of the track, click here.

Say Lou Lou’s latest single ‘Games For Girls’ is released October 12th followed by their debut album ‘Lucid Dreaming’ out February 2nd 2015.

Say Lou Lou headline Heaven, London on December 4th. Tickets here.