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News: Rochester Castle Live! New Organisers Bring Uptown, Superboxx & Down Town Brands to The Medway

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News: Rochester Castle Live! New Organisers Bring Uptown, Superboxx & Down Town Brands to The Medway

The enchanting backdrop of Rochester Castle is destined to play host to a meticulously curated series of events, showcasing the expertise of seasoned event promoters committed to delivering flawless entertainment.

The Festival Crowd  are  thrilled to unveil the grand spectacle of Rochester Castle Live, an exhilarating three-day extravaganza set to captivate the historic town of Rochester from the 5th to the 7th of July 2024. As the masterminds behind acclaimed events such as Uptown Festival, KISSTORY, Downtown, Superboxx, and numerous other iconic music festivals across the UK. The Festival Crowd are set to redefine the entertainment landscape in Rochester. Festival fans will be diving into the rhythm of Indie beats, grooving to nostalgic club classics, and witnessing legendary acts that will reverberate through the town during the Castle Live series.

Rochester Castle Live 2024 will be an unprecedented fusion of music, culture, and sheer excitement as The Festival Crowd introduce renowned branded festival shows to the heart of The Medway.  Among the yet to be announced stellar lineup for Rochester is the much-anticipated return of the highly successful Uptown Festival, which also takes place on the hallowed grounds of London’s Blackheath. This year chart-topping sensations Madness, The Zutons, and The Lightning Seeds are poised to headline the London date and festival-goers at Rochester Castle Live can expect the same great caliber of artists to be announced very soon!

Stay tuned as The Festival Crowd unveils the full lineup in weeks to come, promising a musical journey that transcends boundaries and creates memories that will linger long after the final notes fade away. Rochester Castle Live is not just an event; it’s a collection of some of the very best touring festivals in the UK & an experience that promises to elevate the cultural vibrancy of Rochester to epic new heights.