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News: Joshua Radin Announces Aussie Tour

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(AUS) Hailing from Ohio, USA, Joshua Radin is a singer songwriter who is well loved all over the world. His work has been featured in countless TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill, American Idol and many more, along with several features in films too. Playing to sold out crowds is a normal occurrence for him, and his work has been well received in Australia too. Joshua Radin now returns down under on the back of his 6th and latest album “Onward and Sideways”. Tickets go on sale Thursday 4th June at 9am.

Radin’s music is something that instantly creates a connection with the listener. His gentle and soothing voice, combined with melodic guitar strumming, strings and piano make for a very relaxed listening session. Bringing this to a live setting, the music evokes a heavy emotional response – you’ll be smiling, crying and laughing all at the same time. It makes for an event that should not be missed. You can check out the Joshua Radin clip for “Winter” here.

Radin has performed on TV shows like The Tonight Show, Conan etc, and also performed on Ellen Degeneres’ wedding at her personal request. He has also sold hundreds of thousands of records and topped the iTunes charts several times too. TV shows and chart positions aside, he has toured the world several times over, and now he is taking over the world once again with his strongest album to date, along with all his classics from the previous 5 releases.

His latest album “Onward and Sideways” sees him return to his roots – penning intimate and expressive love songs with vivid songwriting. The songs chronicle a real-time journey from adoration to true love. The name of the album simply came from how the album was written, and the end result – he was sprawled across sideways on a bed in a hotel room, wanting to write a song for his girlfriend. It resulted in him writing some of his strongest material to date.

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