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News: JEFF The Brotherhood To Release New Album ‘Wasted On The Dream’

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(AUS) Nashville melodic rockers JEFF The Brotherhood are set to release their new album, Wasted On The Dream, on May 1st via Dine Alone Records / Cooking Vinyl Australia.

As the follow up to their 2012 Dan Auerbach-produced Hypnotic Nights, Wasted on the Dream was co-produced by Jake and Jamin with Joe Chiccarelli (The Strokes, Dwight Yoakum, My Morning Jacket, Poco). The songs are loaded with grungy guitars, head-banging riffs and effortlessly catchy choruses. Jamin explains, “We envisioned creating something similar in feel to a lot of the rock records that came out in the ’90s, back when bands like Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana were playing big arena shows.”

JEFF The Brotherhood Wasted On The DreamWasted On The Dream is the first JEFF The Brotherhood album to showcase the band’s recent evolution into a full-blown ROCK outfit: Jake plays six-string guitar (as opposed to his custom-made signature 3-string model), Jamin plays a full kit and Jack Lawrence (of Dead Weather and Raconteurs fame) plays bass on the entire album. The album also features guest contributions from Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast, Diarrhea Planet guitarists, Evan Bird and Emmett Miller, and a flute solo by Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull. To accommodate their bigger sound live, JEFF has expanded to a highly voluminous, balls-out twin guitar monster of a quartet.

Since 2001, the Orrall brothers have toured and recorded relentlessly as a duo, releasing seven JEFF The Brotherhood studio albums, a live record, various side-projects and an increasingly tall stack of singles, cassettes and EPs, gradually building up a rabid, ever-expanding global following in the process. Hypnotic Nights earned Jake and Jamin glowing accolades for their high-energy, minimalist-maximalist approach to songwriting, recording and live performances from such outlets as Rolling Stone, Spin, The New York Times, USA Today, Pitchfork, and many others.

1. Voyage Into Dream
2. Black Cherry Pie
3. Cosmic Visions
4. Mystified Minds
5. Melting Place
6. In My Dreams
7. In My Mouth
8. Karaoke, TN
9. Coat Check Girl
10. What’s A Creep
11. Prairie Song