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News: Chic Featuring Nile Rodgers To Release First Single In Almost 25 Years

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(US) A box of analog tapes from Warner Music arrives at Nile Rodgers’ house. Inside the box, Nile finds a treasure trove of music from his band CHIC. Nile wasn’t considering making a new CHIC record – in his own words “there wasn’t any reason – either spiritually or artistically to do so.” Listening to those “lost tapes” of CHIC masters that were recorded but never released, Nile heard band members talking, laughing, and working together – it felt like he was going back in time. However, Nile realized he couldn’t pick up the phone and tell those who’d passed away that he’d been reunited with this amazing material.

A few months later, as fate would have it, Nile is diagnosed with extremely aggressive cancer. Everything is put on “hold.” He goes from being the happiest guy in the world to a man making life and death decisions. It became apparent to Nile that he had only a finite amount of time on this planet. He decides to make more music and play more concerts than ever before … and that means a new CHIC album. As any true CHIC fan knows, every CHIC album has always been a concept album … and this record’s “concept” is about “TIME.”

Nile has chosen March 20, 2015 to release “I’ll Be There” – the very first CHIC single in close to 25 years. On this date, the vernal equinox, when day and night are of equal length, a total solar eclipse will happen in parts of the Northern Hemisphere. Day will seemingly turn INTO night – an extraordinary event to mark the release of the new CHIC upbeat single!

“I’ll Be There” has its own DHM (deep hidden meaning). “I don’t want to live in the past, but it’s a nice place to visit, and if you come along … I’ll Be There”. Indeed, there’s a special meaning when Nile, Kim, Folami, Russell and Fonzi sing those lyrics – along with the Martinez Brothers percussion over the original CHIC Organization track. It’s like a rebirth: Luther Vandross, Robin Clark,Tony Thompson, Bernard Edwards, Alfa Anderson and Luci Martin … they’re all there too! True to the CHIC tradition, the label states: “written and produced by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers for the CHIC Organization”… because it is! It’s like Nile found a time capsule and discovered a brand new CHIC record that never came out! It is truly magical, incredible, and exciting. Like the title of CHIC’s forthcoming album declares, IT’S ABOUT TIME … CHIC’s time!!


March 20, London (Sold Out)
March 21, London (Sold Out)
March 22, Leeds
March 23, Glasgow
March 24, Manchester
March 25, Birmingham

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