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News: ‘Better Off Alone’ Hitmaker Alice Deejay Returns For UK Tour

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Remember the greatest party decade ever? The 90s are now back in full force! Alice Deejay, one of Europe’s biggest 90s pop stars, has today announced her return to pop music with various dates confirmed and more to be announced. It’s all systems go, so get ready to jump straight back into the nineties like they never ended!

Back in 1999, a group of young Dutch DJ’s and talented producers collaborated with frontwoman Judy to form Alice Deejay. Alice Deejay’s album ‘Who Needs Guitars Anyway?’ featured no less than 5 international hits, sold over 1 million albums and 5million singles and crushed the charts in Germany, France, South Africa, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Canada – just to name a few. Back in the 90s, you could hear lead singles Better Off Alone, Will I Ever and Back In My Life riding the airwaves non-stop. Not to mention the influence Alice Deejay has had on dance music; many great artists such as David Guetta, Whiz Khalifa and now Puerto Rican megastar Farruko, scored hits using the hook of ‘Better Off Alone’.

Lead singer Judy added: “Looking back on my life as Alice Deejay, I realise it really was a one in a million situation. I was super young and life was like a movie. Crazy things like flying from Amsterdam to New York, going straight from the airport to the venue, perform “Better off Alone”, immediately back in the plane, and then noticing I’m still holding my microphone.”

And now, Alice Deejay is back with a vengeance. Revved up and ready to go wild with a brilliant live show! Judy comments: “I can’t wait to be reunited with the fans. A gig is really something the music lover and the artist do together. We‘ve been training hard to get battle ready and we’re gonna give it everything we got!”

For the upcoming tour the world famous dance act takes you back in time with several live shows. Get ready to cut loose to the unadulterated dance slammers “Will I Ever”, “The Lonely One”, “Back In My Life”, “Celebrate Our Love” and “Better Off Alone”. And there’s more. On top of their own mega bangers, Alice Deejay will be dropping a selection of powerful medleys and live mashups, celebrating the best dance tracks of the 90’s.

Judy comments further: “Alice Deejay music has a lot of emotion and some of our songs have played a big part in people’s lives. Fans kept on tracking me down to ask: “Why don’t you get back on stage?” Now, after 20 years, I feel the time is right. Thanks to our tenacious fans it’s finally happening!”

Make no mistake, this is your chance to get down and do it right together with Alice Deejay. Don’t miss the Alice Deejay Reunion Tour! Get ready for the nineties vibe. Get ready to party!