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News: Amy Studt Returns With New Material

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(UK) Amy Studt is back! The pop sensation who catapulted to No1 on US radio air-play and No6 in the UK charts with her hit single ‘Misfit’, returns with her best material to date. Enjoying the current success of her double A-side single ‘Different Colour Pills/I Was Jesus In Your Veins’, which was released on 23 June Amy sets the scene for her big live comeback at The Islington on 23 July. Amy Studt stamps an indelible print into her return with an EP scheduled for October and her third album planned for release in January 2016 alongside a UK tour (click here for more info).

For those who need reminding… Amy Studt signed to Simon Fuller’s 19 Management company, secured a deal with Polydor for the release of her first single, ‘Just a Little Girl’, which charted at number 14 in the UK pop charts and reached number 1 on US radio play. Her second single, ‘Misfit’, reached No6 and was fast hot-footed by Amy’s debut album ‘False Smiles’, which went on to sell 260,000 copies. Taking a step back from the limelight, Amy wisely hid from the media glare whilst she took time and consideration to craft new material. Amy returned to the global stage in 2014 when she wowed audiences with a stunning performance at the Isle of Wight Festival last year; confirming that she was back and better than ever – delivering her most complete and accomplished set of songs to date.

Already heavily supported by Spotify, iTunes, Artrocker, Metro, Drunken Warewolf, Fred Perry Subculture and Gigslutz, ‘Different Colour Pills’, which was inspired by drugs prescribed by her doctor following her self-diagnosed ‘unraveling’, proves that Amy still has what it takes to get audiences to sit up and listen.

Recalling the dark pop of the Shangri-Las and Mazzy Star, fused with the drama of Bowie era, Studt has spent the past year in her own Sleepwalker Studio with Hatcham Social’s, Toby Kidd, developing her best material to date. An artist that really wears her heart on her sleeve, her songs are charismatically autobiographical. Dark yet full of light, the melodic mood can range from delicate to dangerous. Her new double A-Side singles, ‘Different Colour Pills / I Was Jesus In Your Veins’ are deliciously tempting hints of the flavour you can expect to hear from an eagerly awaited new album which is planned for early 2016.

The double A-side single ‘Different Colour Pills / I Was Jesus In Your Veins’, is available now on iTunes and all the other stores and available on Spotify as well on Spotify’s Music Monday best releases…

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