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Kilto Take release new single ‘Mimic’ (UK)

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Kilto Take have released Mimic, the first single from their forthcoming debut album, Resolute. 

Spikey, angular yet expansive guitars accent the sublime interplay between the drums and bass, providing the perfect platform to delve into Mimic’s murky lyrical theme of the inherent self-destruction of modern life. As lead singer Jonathan explains: “It focuses on the pastimes of a hedonist ‘mimicking a life’ of empty, throwaway, lust-fuelled pursuits, becoming just another lost soul of ‘dissolute culture’…giving it away all to easily.”

Kilto Take’s debut album Resolute will be released via Medical Records on November 25th 2013. The album was produced by Ru Cook (Everything Everything), with art direction from award winning artist Jonathan Cooke (Fabric, Village Green, Visionquest) and campaign photography from Phil Sharp (Mark Ronson, Jarvis Cocker, Ghostpoet, Carl Barat, Metronomy).
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