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Interviews: Boys on Film X – Cameron Wofford

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The tenth installment of one of cinema’s most celebrated short film series Boys on Film X is set to be an explosive cinematic exploration of LGBT themes and lifestyles.

Leading up the last months anticipated release, we at Renowned For Sound spoke with Cameron Wofford, the lead actor in Evan Robert’s short, Yeah, Kowalski! 

Boys on Film InsertFlorence Hinton-Collyer: How would you describe your character, Gabe Kowalski?

Cameron Wofford: Gabe is very interesting, He’s confident yet on the inside insecure. I think finding the balance between confidence and insecurity with Gabe was one of my main focuses. Gabe is genuine and unique, He’s extremely creative, which I can relate to, and brave. He is also a bit of a people pleaser, which was interesting at the time because I was going through that “I’m a bad ass, I’ll do the opposite of what you tell me phase”.

FHC: Was this role different from your past experiences, how did you prepare for it?

CW: This role was way different than any part I’ve ever portrayed. As an actor, you think the best scenes are the dramatic ones; so having to play such a simple yet complex character, and make it interesting, was difficult. I had to work hard to make myself intriguing, yet keep the simple, happy tone.

FHC: Do you think that there should be more LGBT films that can include a younger audience?

CW: For me I don’t understand the teenage years of a homosexual; I could try to understand how they feel, but I don’t. I think that any movie can portray any message, so it doesn’t have to just relate to being a teen homosexual. That’s what was great about “Yeah, Kowalski!”; there were endless amounts of messages and life lessons for all different walks of teens.

FHC: Why do you think armpit hair (of all things!) is a primary focus both of Gabe and the film?

CW: Armpit hair…. Well one thing for sure, is it definitely made life on set a lot more fun. Kaitlyn would go get her makeup done and her hair fixed, while I was getting armpit hair glued to myself, shout out to Charlie for being the best armpit hair gluer ever! I just remember going home and being so uncomfortable, I would have glue all inside of my arms and occasionally I would get some of the hair in my food…gross. But I think that the armpit hair is the primary focus of Gabe and the film because it’s symbolic. Growing up you’re always thinking if I had this then this would happen, and Gabe thought that if he was more of a “man” then he could get Shane. Through the film and through Gabe the armpit hair shows people to be who they are, and not worry about what other people think, because if you’re trying to be someone you’re not it will end in disaster.

FHC: Do you think society places too much emphasis on the bodily ideal?

CW: I think that society puts a lot of emphasis on bodily ideal, some good some bad. I would say that the bad is that society tells you that you have to look like something that is unhealthy or just not for you. Society persuades this message through advertisements and just everyday life. I think that people need to understand that nobody’s perfect, so striving for perfection is just going to make you end up in a big mess. The film does a great job of portraying this message with Gabe’s armpit hair issues. Everybody needs to understand that God made us all beautiful in our own ways.

FHC: What’s next for Cameron Wofford?

CW: I’m auditioning a decent amount right now, and have a few things in the works. I hope to be able to make film acting my full time job some day soon; I’m just waiting on my breakout film. I’m really finding out who I am right now and building a relationship with Christ, so having some “down time” has been nice. But, I’m ready to be working all of the time. I ask for guidance from God, and he leads me to endless opportunities. I just have to see where he takes me. Ever since I met Evan I’ve plotted this idea in my head that I could be the Leonardo Dicapario to his Scorsese. Leonardo is one of my top inspirations, and I strive for my career to be like his.

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