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Film Review – Zootopia

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In the mammalian metropolitan of Zootopia, animals of any shape and size are free to live like humans. From the busy, working suburbs to the wide and dark rainforests, prey and predators defy animal nature and live in harmony with one another. However, when the strong-willed rookie police officer Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) lands in the busy metropolis, she realises the difficulty of being a bunny amidst the big predators in the police force. Determined to remain positive, Hopps forms an unlikely partnership with con artist fox Nick (Jason Bateman) in order to solve the mystery surrounding the disappearances of the predator civilians in Zootopia.

Even with the usual family friendly storyline, Zootopia is more than just the bunny-fox buddy cop plot line that it presents. After the success of Frozen, Disney has been on the roll with non-romantic themes and instead focusing on topics of self-empowerment. This time, it’s all about believing in yourself and having the courage to go out of your comfort zone. A message that is timely and resounding for today’s generation, Zootopia presents a wonderful and thoughtful lesson for both kids and adults. Filled with mature subtext of race, discrimination and prejudice, Zootopia has proven to be one of Disney’s smartest and greatest film.

Zootopia Inserted

Once again, Disney continues it’s reigning streak of high-tech and advance animation. Each character is superbly lifelike with each strand of fur exceptionally refined for realism. The police procedural plot line was surprising but carefully planned for a developed storyline, embracing the new era of intelligent and self-aware Disney films. Bunny lead Judy Hopps is feisty, determined and optimistic; she strives for justice and the truth, inspiring traits that make for a encouraging role model for children. Likewise, each character is filled with an abundance of zesty personality – from meek sheep, noble lions and hilariously slow sloths – creating an entertaining atmosphere that is likeable for all types of audiences. Speaking of sloths, Flash (Raymond S. Persi), the DMV’s “fastest” sloth is a cinematic stand out. Zootopia is also filled with hilarious scenes and hysterical characters voiced by exceptional actors with the likes of Idris Elba, J.K. Simmons, Jenny Slate and Latin pop singer Shakira.

A creative and unique look at mature themes, Zootopia is one of those films that is resounding to every human being. With a wonderful mix of humour, inspiring lead characters and an intelligent message of diversity and inclusivity, Zootopia is definitively one of the best films by Disney.