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EP Review: Jon Hopkins – ‘Asleep Versions’

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Jon Hopkins latest project titled Asleep Versions is a four track EP filled with a collection of deep, melodic sounds that is sure to place each listener in a state of tranquillity. Originally intended to be a continuous 25 minute piece, Hopkins decided to separate the EP into four different tracks which according to Domino Records are actually re-imaginings of four tracks from his 2013 album Immunity. Like majority of Hopkins’ work Asleep Versions has to be listened to in one sitting from start to finish to get the full hypnotic experience.

Asleep Versions - Jon HopkinsThe journey begins with a new version of Hopkins’ 2013 track Immunity, a soothing six minute melody that features soft vocals from regular collaborator King Creosote. The tracks majestic vibes lure you in and for the next 25 minutes Hopkins’ is in complete hypnotic control. Following on from Immunity is another new version of one of Hopkins’ 2013 tracks titled Form By Firelight. The peaceful track which features smooth vocals from Raphaelle Standell (Braids/Blue Hawaii) is, in my opinion the highlight of this transcendent work of art. The song goes through different layers, from calm and gentle sounds to these dark and gloomy bass trembles that really get the heartbeat flowing.

Breathe This Air is the shortest track on the EP standing at 3:13 however; that doesn’t stop it from making a lasting impression. The track opens with the sound of delicate piano keys which create a somewhat somber mood. As the track goes on we begin to hear a semi intense build up of hypnotic sounds and echo vocals that slowly end up easing into the EP’s final piece.

Hopkins’ final track Open Eye Signal is what feels like an epic 11 minute dream. What starts off as a dark and gloomy nightmare eventually evolves into a bright and blissful melody and once you have finally realized that the song is over you’ll think to yourself where the hell was I for what seemed like the last four hours.

Asleep Versions is an amazing piece of art however; it is not for everyone, there is no heavy drops or funky grooves, just a combination of deep transcendent sounds that take the listener on a hypnotic musical journey. Brilliant.