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EP Review: Jai Waetford – ‘Jai Waetford’

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Jai Waetford is the latest contestant from this year’s X Factor Australia to release a single or album. At only 14 years of age, Jai has been dubbed as the next Justin Bieber and even recieved acclaim from the pop phenomenon himself. Although he came in third in the X Factor final, Jai Waetford won over the judges and Australia with his creative flair for songwriting and vocal abilities beyond his years.

Jai Waetford EPThis self-titled EP is a terrific way to introduce Jai as a solo artist to Australia and the world. It contains three covers of the songs he sung on X Factor, two original songs and a special Christmas tune featuring mentor Ronan Keating. This presents the perfect variety of favourite songs alongside catchy originals. Fix You, Plans and The Only Exception are the three covers offered on the EP. Each of these songs require an emotional depth that would be difficult for many mature singers, but this pint sized singer and his tremendous vocals cover this with ease. He not only connects and delivers the songs, but makes them feel as if they were his own and this is a difficult thing to accomplish when singing such well known tunes.

His first single Your Eyes opens the EP. This RnB infused pop song will have you singing along with its catchy hook “they got nothing on your eyes” and its “eh, eh, eh”; it’s no surprise that it raced up the ARIA charts when it was first released. Don’t Let Me Go, written by Jai himself, is also featured on the EP and was the song that won the X Factor judges over, bringing LMFAO singer Redfoo to tears. This song is astounding as the lyrics are extremely mature and heartfelt for a boy of 14. The last song, When A Child Is Born was a little disappointing as I was looking forward to a Jai/Ronan duet. That is not the case however, as Ronan really only says a few lines in the middle of the song. But despite this, Jai’s vocals are  flawless and it makes a sweet christmas tune.

Jai Waetford is a great selection of originals and covers sung by Jai on the X Factor. With maturity beyond his years, a talent for songwriting and a growing fanbase across the world, Jai Waetford may yet be the next pop phenomenon.