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DVD Review – The LEGO Movie

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Emmet (voiced by Chris Pratt), your average, live-life-by-the-LEGO-manual LEGO minifigure, is accidentally identified as “the most extraordinary person” and key to saving the world from tyrant President Business (voiced by Will Ferrell) and his weapon of mass de-construction, Kragle, a tube of glue. Against his will, Emmet is swept up in a quest he is most definitely and hilariously unprepared for.

Lego Movie DVDPhil Lord and Christopher Miller’s The LEGO Movie is the most original 3D computer animation we’ve seen in quite some time and easily a new favourite. The LEGO Movie is a sophisticated example of just how far animation has come since Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the first feature-length animation, showcasing the works of an extremely talented team of animators and filmmakers alike. Not only does The LEGO Movie look and sound fantastic, Lord and Miller have hit the nail on the head by producing a film with a strong and (surprisingly) thoughtful storyline, an aspect of children’s cinema that is often pushed aside for cheap visual gags.

That is not to cheapen The LEGO Movie by limiting it to a kid’s film. Parents and viewers over the age of eighteen will be pleasantly surprised by the adult sense of humour, in fact in the movie-theatre it was the adults who held court in the “loud filmgoer” department. The LEGO Movie is a genuinely funny film that transcends beyond the typical toilet and slapstick humour popular in recent animation. This film also has a wondrous sense of nostalgia, full of quirky consumer in-jokes and charming imperfections reminiscent of real-life play – yet another reason why The LEGO Movie is such a roaring success across all age groups. After all, LEGO has been around since 1949; that’s a solid 65-year fan-base that Lord and Miller have been able to market their film towards.

The animation team at Animal Logic deserve all the industry credit and accolades they receive, and then some. The LEGO Movie really is a beautiful animated film, with superbly strong visuals and unbridled imagination. The scene at sea is a particular standout in the animation department, producing graphics both awe-inspiring and motion sickness inducing at the same time. Honestly, The LEGO Movie is incomparable to other recent animation films. The animators approached this with such intelligence and wit, even the most simple of scenes are well thought out and leave you with a goofy grin.

The LEGO Movie is an absolute must-see. Boasting a charming voice cast, incredible visuals, and so many gags-a-minute you’ll be itching for a second viewing before the film is over, The LEGO Movie does not disappoint. Enter with reluctance and you’ll leave with an uplifted heart and sore cheeks from laughing so hard, this is one not to miss – and one you don’t need to borrow a child to justify seeing. With three generations worth of potential fans, The LEGO Movie is the new quintessential family film.

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