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DVD Review – The Good Lie

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Based on the real life experiences of the Lost Boys of Sudan, Reese Witherspoon stars as Carrie Davis, an American woman who helps four Sudanese refugees after their winning luck in the lottery for relocation of the United States. After the savage events of the Sudanese Civil war in 1983, boys who were displaced as a result of the violence were given the name “Lost of Boys of Sudan” by humanitarian workers. In The Good Lie, director Philippe Falardeau (Monsieur Lazhar) showcases the hardships and triumphs of the boys who strived for the better life that they deserved.

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Like many of her acclaimed leading roles (Wild, Walk the Line, Legally Blonde), Witherspoon is no stranger to strong and spirited female characters that demonstrate the resilience of women. As Carrie Davis, Witherspoon is brazen and headstrong, willing to reach her objective.  Of course, the stars of this film are transparently the young Sudanese men, Mamere (Arnold Oceng), Jeremiah (Ger Duany), Paul (Emmanuel Jal) who demonstrated such moving and powerful performances that elevate the film from it’s stereotypical Hollywood adaptation. An amazing story of survival – in both Africa and America – The Good Lie convincingly illustrates the powerful ability of faith, love and sacrifice.

Hollywood dramatics aside, Falardeau executes a solid film depicting the hardships of Sudanese refugees, overcoming the white-saviour-persona by focusing on the trials and tribulations of the young men, and hearty half hour that was solely dedicated on these situations. Based on the real experiences of Sudanese refugees, screenwriter Martgaret Nagle (Boardwalk Empire) produces a compelling and honest depiction of their experiences.

The story of The Good Lie focuses not solely Witherspoon’s Carrie as the hero to the Sudanese men, but highlight the tumultuous journey of the men’s survival in the refugee camp, undergoing intense trials – walking for miles without water, dealing with lack of water which leads to the death of their youngest brother. It’s the fortitude and bravery of the young men that create the realistic and heartfelt setting of the film, enhancing the importance and relevance of the story. A touching story about survival, The Good Lie hits audiences straight in the heart.