Mon. May 20th, 2024

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Black Orange Juice release new EP ‘3 Started Alone’ (UK)

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Black Orange Juice have released their new EP, 3 Started Alone available now to stream on Soundcloud. Together, Ossie, Paul Black and Tilz are Black Orange Juice, exciting new faces in the ever-fertile and innovative forefront of UK dance music.

The sound of Black Orange Juice is rooted in a lifetime of music together, the sound of three childhood comrades that have grown up as a creative unit. From classic shy first steps harmonizing in the halls of their Roman Catholic comprehensive in East Ham, to after-school sessions fawning over their dad’s Marvin, Luther and Chic vinyls, to maiden clubbing voyages together at house nights with DJing older cousins, the boys began to flex their musical muscles as one. “We were those three kids that were just into music at school, it’s literally all we cared about. So that’s what we did every day,” remembers Ossie.

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